Saturday, January 28, 2023

George Santos responds to his impersonators, who clap back

I predicted that George Santos would be a great inspiration for comedy as long as he stays in the news. That continues to be true, even or especially if Representative Santos objects, as Inside Edition reported in George Santos Says All of His Impersonators Are ‘Terrible’.

Embattled Congressman George Santos isn't impressed with his late-nite impersonators. Comedian Jon Lovitz even did his best Santos impression on "The Tonight Show." But apparently, Santos doesn't find any of this funny. He tweeted: "I have now been enshrined in late-night TV history with all these impersonations, but they are all terrible so far." Lovitz responded by saying "My pathological liar character can’t hold a candle to you!"
I missed Lovitz's impression in Meyers, Colbert, and Kimmel take closer looks at George Santos, so here it is: Congressman George Santos Addresses the Rumors About Him | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Congressman George Santos (Jon Lovitz) stops by the Tonight Show to put rumors about him to bed, like him lying about working for Goldman Sachs and being Jewish.
Lovitz didn't have to do much more to update his pathological liar character from "Saturday Night Live" other than wear the right clothes and glasses and make the wheels spinning in the character's head less obvious to get Santos right. All he needed was an updated version of "Morgan Fairchild, yeah, that's the ticket" when asked if he's dating anyone to completely link his old character to Santos. He did refer to another of his characters, The Critic, when he said "it stinks!" Yes, it does, but it's funny.

Follow over the jump for two of the impersonators, including Bowen Yang, who dragged Santos in SNL's first show of 2023, talking about their experiences impersonating the Representative.

CNN briefly recapped the impersonations then interviewed Nelson Franklin in Actor who played George Santos on late night describes playing the part.

Actor Nelson Franklin talks to CNN's Laura Coates about playing Republican Congressman George Santos on late night television.
I didn't recognize Franklin from "Veep," but I should have. His experience is perfect for playing Santos. Also, his comment that the writers for "Veep" would have to rewrite scripts fits perfectly with my comment that "It's hard for satire to be more ridiculous than reality these days." Both fit the following meme.

I rewrote the text on Pinterest to say "House of Cards" shows the politicians we fear, "The West Wing" the politicians we hope for, and "Veep" the politicians we actually get. I used to be an English teacher. Why do you ask?

I conclude with Bowen Yang Shares the Struggles of Impersonating George Santos on SNL on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Bowen Yang talks about being a huge fan of Alex Wagner, his podcast, Las Culturistas, and pulling double duty as George Santos in Weekend Update and the cold open on Saturday Night Live.
Yang is right, it's hard to do an impression of someone as slippery as Santos. Here's to getting a better fix on him while he's still in the House. He's in legal trouble over his campaign finances, so he might be leaving before his term is up. If that happens, I'll write about it. In the meantime, stay tuned to see if Yang impersonates Santos again on tonight's episode of "Saturday Night Live," which I plan on blogging about tomorrow.

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