Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Colbert and Meyers take closer looks at Kevin McCarthy becoming Speaker after 15 ballots

Kevin "Pickled Tongue" McCarthy finally won the Speaker's gavel after fifteen ballots in the early hours of Saturday, so it took until last night for the late-night talk show hosts to tell jokes about it.* Too bad "Saturday Night Live" hasn't resumed new shows yet; they'd have had first crack instead the last word.

I begin with Stephen Colbert's monologue, McCarthy Wins Late Night Vote With Help From T**** | Deja Coup: Bannon Advised Bolsonaro Allies.

The former president appeared to help Kevin McCarthy win the Speaker’s gavel on the 15th round of voting, and former presidential advisor Steve Bannon is suspected of involvement in Sunday’s coup attempt in Brazil.
I think Colbert made fun of two deja coups, the soft one in the House chamber and the failed one in Brazil. That reminds me that I should give equal time to Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva after devoting a post to Jair Bolsonaro. Vox has a video about him, too.

Seth Meyers found a lot of the same things funny about last weekend's vote in Chaos and a Near-Brawl as McCarthy Humiliates Himself to Win Speaker Vote: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans in the House finally electing Kevin McCarthy as speaker after McCarthy acquiesced to the demands of extreme members in a stunning and humiliating turn of events that nearly led to a physical brawl on the House floor.
Seth, like Stephen, even invoked the Founding Fathers to laugh at the Republicans' spin on the proceedings.

I return to "The Late Show" for last night's cold open, DJ Khaled On Kevin McCarthy’s Bid To Become Speaker.

No one can summarize it better than DJ Khaled.

Congratulations, Pickled Tongue, you just played yourself.

*I changed my mind about posting the second half of 'Abbott Elementary' leads Golden Globes TV nominees with five nominations since yesterday. I decided it would take more time than I had today, since I returned to work this week. I'll look at the winners on MLK Day. Stay tuned.

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