Thursday, January 5, 2023

Colbert and Kimmel laugh at Kevin McCarthy's 'Groundhog Day'

I observed "I haven't used the Pickled Tongue label for McCarthy since July 2022, but it looks like it's going to get a workout now that he's contending for Speaker of the House, however long that takes" in Stephen Colbert dunks on Kevin McCarthy losing the vote for Speaker three times as his first monologue of 2023. Well, I get to use it again, as McCarthy lost three more votes. As Stephen noted in his monologue, it's Kevin McCarthy’s Groundhog Day.

Kevin McCarthy continued his quest to become Speaker of the House despite losing vote after vote, and residents of Oregon can now legally trip on mushrooms in a clinical setting.
McCarthy really does look like a groundhog, although I think a real groundhog is cuter.

Jimmy Kimmel examined the day's news in Republicans STILL Can’t Elect a Speaker, Trump Stands by McCarthy & Louisiana Cracks Down on Porn.

A “bomb cyclone” is on the loose and there are flood warnings across California, Southwest Airlines got hit with another outage yesterday that grounded about 140 flights, Republicans in the House of Representatives have once again failed to reach a consensus on who will be their speaker as Kevin McCarthy has now lost six times, Donald Trump posted on Truth Social in support of McCarthy, Republicans removed metal detectors from the House entrances as their first act in the majority which was great cause of celebration for Lauren Boebert, MyPillow Mike Lindell has an interesting plan, Louisiana has a new state law that requires a government-issued ID in order to watch online porn, and we tracked down a movie theater employee from Texas who went viral over the holidays for his impressive skills behind the snack counter and is now known as “The Popcorn Guy!”
There's something in the air, as Kimmel made a joke about groundhogs (although he called them woodchucks), too! Speaking of things in the air, how about “The Popcorn Guy?” Watching him was fun and I hope he really does show up at the Oscars.

Before I reveal what happened when the House reconvened at 8:00 P.M. tonight, I'm sharing a video I missed yesterday, Late Night with Seth Meyers in McCarthy Humiliated by Failed Speaker Vote as House GOP Explodes into Chaos: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans exploding into absolute chaos on what was supposed to be their first day in charge of the House of Representatives when far-right MAGA members blocked GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy from winning enough votes to become Speaker on the first two ballots.
Since yesterday ended up being Groundhog Day, Seth's jokes still work.

By the way, neither of Stephen's predictions, McCarthy becoming Speaker or facing three more losing votes, came true. Instead, MSNBC reported Republicans scramble to adjourn amid second day of speaker chaos.

The House voted to adjourn until noon Thursday, still without a speaker as Kevin McCarthy says talks are progressing.
Ha, ha, the Republicans were barely able to vote to adjourn after returning to the chamber. GOP in disarray!

McCarthy's Groundhog Day resumes tomorrow (technically today) at noon. Stay tuned.

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