Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Jon Stewart examines the problem with classified documents

With classified documents in the news, The Former Guy's, Joe Biden's, and now Mike Pence's, the most recent episode of "The Problem with Jon Stewart" Podcast couldn't have been more timely. Watch and listen to TOP SECRET: Our Classified Documents System Is [Redacted].

The media is chasing the classified documents fiasco like it’s spy vs. spy, Trump vs. Biden. But on this week’s episode, we’re breaking down the absurdity of a national security system that makes it so darn easy to hoard classified documents. We’re joined by Matthew Connelly, professor of history at Columbia and author of "The Declassification Engine: What History Reveals about America’s Top Secrets," who gives us the inside scoop on how unwieldy our system for keeping state secrets has become, who it’s really designed to protect, and how we might revamp it so that it actually, you know, can keep a secret.
I began watching this video in the hope that a deep dive with an expert would be more satisfying than laughing with the late-night talk show hosts about the latest revelations of discovered classified documents and I finished watching and listening it feeling that I made the correct choice. I hope my readers do, too. May they also enjoy it as much as they seem to have enjoyed Jon Stewart on the problem with George Santos, which is the most read entry so far this month.

Now that I've shared this video, and learned a lot of new things — it's always a good day when I learn something, even when it's as disturbing as what Stewart and Connelly discussed — I'll return to the jokes and monologues from Colbert and others. Stay tuned.

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