Tuesday, January 3, 2023

NASA looks ahead to 2023

I'm reviving a blogging idea from 2021, when I wrote NASA says 'Let's Go to the Moon' in 2021, NASA looking ahead to the new year. Watch NASA in 2023: A Look Ahead.

In 2022, we made history. In 2023, we are preparing for our future by exploring the secrets of the universe. All for the benefit of humanity.
As I wrote in 2022 has been another great year in space, "Here's to 2023 being another great year in space!" If everything NASA plans happens, to say nothing of all the rest of the world's space agencies and companies like SpaceX, it will be.

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  1. Maybe they will finally give up on the largesse that the Artemis program has turned into. I mean it was originally estimated to be $10 billion to develop and $500,000 per launch....thats a far cry from the anticipated total cost of development now teetering towards an anticipated $93 billion dollars with each launch expected to cost 4.1 billion. I truly think the cost estimates are severely underreported with all the rest of the hidden infrastructure upgrades, thousand's of hidden change orders not computed, etc that had to happen to get this mission into space (maybe..)

    Heck if they had given that money to Musk we might currently be working on populating Mars, not just doing something we accomplished 54 years ago!