Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Celebrating and conserving California's coast redwoods on World Rainforest Day

Happy World Rainforest Day! WKBT TV in La Crosse, Wisconsin made today the station's Daily Holiday - World rainforest day.

While tropical rainforests, particularly the Amazon rainforest attract most of the attention, there are also temperate rainforests, such as the coast redwood-Douglas fir-Sitka spruce forests of the Pacific coast of North America. Since I am originally from California, I'm going to feature ABC10's Redwood National Park: Explore one of California's only rainforests | Bartell's Backroads.

In Humboldt County, you can visit this California rainforest located at the Redwood National and State park. In the corner of the park, make sure to visit Fern Canyon, a natural wonder that you won't find anywhere else, and the perfect place for a dreamy hike.
In addition to seeing the natural beauty and hearing the natural history, I enjoyed learning about the movie trivia. I had no idea that scene from the "Jurassic Park" movies was filmed in Redwood National Park.

Of course, this biome and community are still threatened, so what is being done to save it? Watch One Man’s Mission to Revive the Last Redwood Forests | Short Film Showcase from National Geographic and The Story Group to see.

David Milarch's near-death experience inspired a personal quest: to archive the genetics of the world's largest trees before they're gone. This short film from The Story Group documents his effort to save the redwood champions of Northern California from the effects of climate change.
Not only do I approve of David Milarch and his family's efforts to save the coast redwoods and establish them where their habitat will be because of climate change, I'm thrilled that they also live in Michigan. Hi, neighbors and fellow Crazy Eddies!

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