Tuesday, June 21, 2022

World Giraffe Day and National Seashell Day on the Summer Solstice

Happy World Giraffe Day and National Seashell Day on the Summer Solstice! I begin with World Giraffe Day (Virtual Habitat Chat) from the Detroit Zoo.

Celebrate World Giraffe Day with a Virtual Habitat Chat! Learn about Zara, Mpenzi, Kivuli, and Jabari and how their habitat at the Detroit Zoo helps them not just survive, but thrive.
Not only is that a solid dose of "Vitamin Z," the Detroit Zoo's marketing term for the zoo experience, but a worthy educational exercise about the lives of giraffes in a zoo. To read more about these magnificent mammals, I recommend perusing Synapsida's blog posts about giraffes. Happy reading!

Next, National Seashell Day (June 21) - Activities and How to Celebrate National Seashell Day by 8SA - Books, Biographies and Literature Summary on YouTube.

National Seashell Day is observed next on Tuesday, June 21st. It has been observed the first day of Summer since 2016.
This is a surprisingly accurate and even-handed description of the day, given that this is an account I'd never never encountered before. The information is good enough and the holiday content strong enough that I decided to subscribe. May I not regret that decision.

Finally, I'm sharing some science content from KERO, 23 ABC News in Bakersfield, California, Science Sundays: Science of the Solstice.

[I]t's the first day of astronomical summer, or the day of the summer solstice. It has felt like summer out there all month. So let's talk about the science of the solstice, and why this is different than meteorological summer.
I'm glad to see one of the stations I watched when I lived in Bakersfield 40 years ago sharing such a clear explanation of the seasons.

Stay tuned to see whether I follow through on posting about World Rainforest Day or if I decide the January 6th Committee hearings deserve my attention instead.

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