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'Good Night Oppy' has six nominations at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary and Best Documentary

I told my readers to "stay tuned" as "I'm feeling like examining Good Night Oppy's nominations at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards instead" at the conclusion of 'Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie' leads nominees for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special at the Emmy Awards. I begin with the category I think Good Night Oppy is most likely to win.
Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary
Earthstorm Netflix
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
How To Survive A Pandemic HBO Max
NOVA Augmented PBS
NOVA Ultimate Space Telescope PBS
Good Night Oppy leads with six nominations at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards and one at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for a total of seven nominations at two ceremonies. Only the Nova episode "Augmented" among its competition has another nomination for Outstanding Promotional Announcement. The rest only have this one nomination. I'd say Good Night Oppy is the favorite to win.

I'm sharing the trailers for these nominees, beginning with Good Night Oppy - Official Trailer | Prime Video.

After watching this, I remember why I used a different version of the trailer; that one had a good video description. This one is just advertising for (Amazon) Prime Video, so I'm not quoting it. Instead, I'm quoting myself.
Fifteen years is the lifespan of a dog. I can understand why Opportunity's ground crew would get attached and people would mourn its shutdown, which would feel like a pet passing.
The dramatic orchestral arrangement of David Bowie's "Life on Mars" made the trailer even more emotional.

Next, NOVA | Reinventing Bionics | Augmented | PBS, which is nominated for its own Emmy.

Follow the dramatic personal journey of Hugh Herr, a biophysicist working to create brain-controlled robotic limbs. At age 17, Herr’s legs were amputated after a climbing accident. Frustrated by the crude prosthetic limbs he was given, Herr set out to remedy their design, leading him to a career as an inventor who is helping to test a new approach to bionics.
I can see why this trailer earned a nomination. It's inspiring and makes me want to watch the show.

Now for the trailers to shows with only this nomination, beginning with Earthstorm | Official Trailer | Netflix.

Storm chasers, survivors and first responders recount their harrowing experiences with volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.
This looks like another good show to recommend to my students, especially since I just told my earthquake stories to my geology students last Thursday. These are much more graphic than my experiences!

Speaking of harrowing stories in the face of natural disasters, watch How to Survive a Pandemic | Official Trailer | HBO.

Two years after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, How to Survive a Pandemic takes viewers behind the scenes of the race to make a vaccine.
The effort to end the pandemic is certainly worthy of a nomination and also a video I'll recommend to my biology students.

The last trailer is NOVA Ultimate Space Telescope PREVIEW from Arizona Public Media (AZPM).

Discover how NASA engineers built and launched the most ambitious telescope of all time.
The James Webb Space Telescope was the top science story of 2022 and a major reason why 2022 was another great year in space.

Good Night Oppy is also competing for Best Documentary.
Best Documentary
CNN Films Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain CNN
Escape From Kabul HBO Max
FRONTLINE, The Associated Press Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes PBS
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
The Janes HBO Max
While Good Night Oppy is the most nominated entry at this ceremony competing for this award, I don't know enough about its competition yet to pick a winner. The Janes has four nominations, Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain has three nominations, and Escape From Kabul and the FRONTLINE episode "Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes" have two each. Based on total nominations, I'd say The Janes is Good Night Oppy's stiffest competition, but I wouldn't be surprised if Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain pulls an upset. I'll get back to this category when I examine the rest of the nominees.

Follow over the jump for the rest of Good Night Oppy's nominations.

Good Night Oppy has one nomination in a category I haven't examined yet.
Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction: Documentary
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
How to Change Your Mind Netflix
Lincoln’s Dilemma Apple TV+
The Principles of Pleasure Netflix
A Trip to Infinity Netflix
A Trip to Infinity is the only nominee with another nomination, which is for Outstanding Sound. Until I look at the other nominees, I think Good Night Oppy is the favorite.

Next, a category I examined in R.I.P. Sinéad O'Connor, who died one day before 'Nothing Compares' earned two News & Documentary Emmy Awards nominations.
Outstanding Writing: Documentary
FRONTLINE Lies, Politics and Democracy PBS
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
Hostages HBO Max
Nothing Compares Showtime
POV Not Going Quietly PBS
My preliminary pick...[is] "Good Night Oppy" for Outstanding Writing: Documentary.
It still is.

Now, the categories I mentioned in 'Super/Natural,' 'Wildcat,' and other nature nominees at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards for International Tiger Day.
Outstanding Music Composition
Body Parts Starz
CNN Films Julia CNN
Exposing Muybridge VOD
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
Wildcat Amazon Prime
Good Night Oppy won Best Score against a very different field at the Critics Choice Documentary Awards, so it's my preliminary pick to win here, too. I reserve my right to change my mind after listening to all the scores. I am a musician, after all.

Good Night Oppy and Retrograde are competing against Super/Natural and Nuisance Bear in the next category as well.
Outstanding Sound
A Trip to Infinity Netflix
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
Great Performances Now Hear This PBS
Nuisance Bear The New Yorker
Our Universe Netflix
Retrograde National Geographic
Super/Natural National Geographic
As I have written before, I think that music nominees have the best chances, all things being equal, so that gives the advantage to Great Performances. Also, like The U.S. and the Holocaust and Good Night Oppy, Our Universe has a nomination at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. I used Emmy nominations at this ceremony to break ties at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards so I might use nominations there to break ties here, such as between Good Night Oppy and Retrograde, which puts Good Night Oppy in the lead with seven total nominations at the two ceremonies.

Now for the News & Documentary Emmy Awards equivalent to Outstanding Commercial.
Outstanding Promotional Announcement
Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story Captive Audience “Shocking” Trailer Hulu
NOVA Augmented PBS
Retrograde National Geographic
Shark Week “Seal Cam” / Shark Week 2022 Discovery Channel
Super/Natural National Geographic
Shark Week regularly earns nominations and usually wins this category, so I'm picking it now. Again, I reserve the right to change my mind, but I'm not sure I'll have to.

And now a category I covered in Barack Obama defends his Emmy against Hollywood all-stars narrating nature and science documentaries.
Obama won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Narrator last year, so when he's defending it now that he's been nominated again for this category. Like last year, he's contending against stiff competition in Mahershala Ali for "Chimp Empire," Angela Bassett for "Good Night Oppy," Morgan Freeman for "Our Universe," and Pedro Pascal for "Patagonia." That's a field of Hollywood all-stars. Ali has two Oscars and an Emmy, Bassett an honorary Oscar along with two Oscar nominations and eight Emmy nominations and a Critics' Choice Documentary Award win for Best Narration of "Good Night Oppy", and Freeman an Oscar and four Emmy nominations, including a previous one for Outstanding Narrator, while Pascal earned three Emmy nominations just this year. Wow!

That written, the experts at Gold Derby currently have Obama as the favorite, followed by Bassett, Freeman, Ali, and Pascal. That's about the order I see and the order in which I'd root for the nominees. Besides, who am I to argue against the experts?
This concludes July's blogging. Stay tuned for the first post of August in the morning.

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