Friday, September 1, 2023

'VICE News Tonight' vs. '60 Minutes' for Outstanding Recorded News Program at the News & Doc Emmy Awards

I begin the new month by resuming my coverage of the 44th News & Documentary Emmy Awards. I finished the documentaries with 'IS THAT BLACK ENOUGH FOR YOU?!?' likely favorite to win Outstanding Arts and Culture Documentary after 'Roadrunner' removed, so it's time to move on to news. Here are the nominees for Outstanding Recorded News Program.
Outstanding Recorded News Program
60 Minutes
The Circus Showtime
Nightline ABC
Sunday Morning CBS
VICE News Tonight Vice
60 Minutes is the defending winner but it's not the nominee with the most nominations at these awards. That honor goes to VICE News Tonight with 28 nominations. VICE as a whole earned 30 nominations, second only to CNN with 42 (which would have been 45 before Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain disappeared from the list of nominees). 60 Minutes has eleven nominations, Nightline has eight, Sunday Morning has two, and The Circus has just this one. While VICE News Tonight has far and away the most nominations, with 22 reports nominated in 16 categories, compared to ten segments nominated in eight categories for 60 Minutes, I still think that 60 Minutes remains the favorite to win. In addition to my thinking and feeling that 60 Minutes is the better show, despite the greater number of nominated segments from VICE News Tonight, the former has earned a reputation for excellence over multiple decades spanning two centuries, while VICE is a newcomer. I think that counts for something among the journalists, documentarians, and others who belong the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and will be voting on these awards. Remember, electorates matter.

I'm planning on continuing my coverage of the News & Doc Emmys with the nominees for Outstanding Live News Program tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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