Monday, September 25, 2023

Writers Guild reaches tentative agreement with studios

I told my readers what to expect today at the end of 'PRIDE: To Be Seen' leads nominees for Outstanding Arts, Culture or Entertainment Coverage at the News & Doc Emmy Awards.
There have been developments in both the UAW strike and WGA strike and I'm thinking of covering one or both. Stay tuned.
I have good news to share as Fox 11 Los Angeles reported WGA reaches tentative agreement with studios.

The Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative agreement with Hollywood studios after nearly 150 days of striking. The deal still has to be approved by union members.
That's the view from Hollywood. BBC News shared its perspective from across the Atlantic in Hollywood writers in deal to end US studio strike.

Screenwriters in the US say they have reached a tentative deal with studio bosses that could see them end a strike that has lasted nearly five months.

The Writers Guild of America said it was "exceptional - with meaningful gains and protections for writers".

Members of the guild must still have a final say.

It is the longest strike to affect Hollywood in decades and has halted most film and TV production.

A separate dispute involves actors, who are also on strike.
As I wrote, this is good news, but I'm not posting Professor Farnsworth until both the writers and actors have ratified their contracts and the studios and actors still aren't talking. I'm sure they will resume talking once the WGA gets back to work, but that won't be until October at the earliest. While that means that scripted series for the new fall network TV season will be delayed until January, which is one of the reasons why the Primetime Emmy Awards have been postponed until MLK Day, I'm hoping that talk shows will return as soon as the WGA strike is over. I've missed Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, and especially John Oliver. Randy Rainbow just doesn't put out enough videos to fill that void. I'm hoping to welcome their return in time for National TV Talk Show Host Day on October 23rd.

On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if Saturday Night Live doesn't return until SAG-AFTRA gets back to work. Their performers are actors as well as writers. Still, it will take only a week or two after the actors and studios reach an agreement for new episodes to air, longer if the first guest host is also a SAG-AFTRA member. I'm betting on a musician, athlete, or politician for their first guest of the season. I also think the first new show will be in time for Thanksgiving. Any takers?

In the meantime, the UAW strike has expanded and both President Biden and the former guy are planning on getting involved, if only for photo opportunities. Stay tuned.

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