Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Outstanding Live News Special among last categories examined before News & Documentary Emmy Awards ceremonies

I wrote "I have a graphic for Outstanding Live News Special and I might use it in one final post about the nominees before the News ceremony on Wednesday, September 27th." That's tonight, so I'm using it and two other Twitter graphics before they turn into pumpkins.

I expect the nominee with the most total nominations, CNN's Live from the Capitol: January 6th, One Year Later, will be the one that wins. It earned nominations for Outstanding Direction: News and Technical Excellence: News for three nominations overall. That CNN won this award last year supports my prediction. The only other nominee with another nomination is Noticiero Telemundo's "Decision 2022: Battle for the Power," which is also nominated for Technical Excellence: News, so it's my pick for second place. The rest just have this one nomination, so I am not optimistic about their chances, as much as I'd like one of the two ABC News nominees to win.

All of these interviews have only this one nomination, so I have to go on prior performance and news judgment to pick a winner. 20/20 won this award last year and Mike Pence breaking with the former guy is definitely newsworthy, so I think it's the favorite. My other pick would be 60 Minutes interviewing President Zelenskyy. I don't think the rest are likely to win, although another interview of Bill Barr shows up in the next category.

Again, all of these interviews have only this one nomination, so I have to go on prior performance and news judgment to pick a winner. The New York Times DealBook Summit won this award last year, so I can't count Andrew Ross Sorkin out, as distasteful as I find his subject, Sam Bankman-Fried, to be. Then again, he indirectly caused my wife and me to lose money, so that might color my judgment. Speaking of which, I think Anderson Cooper's interview of Nancy Pelosi has more news value and is of someone I find more sympathetic, so it's the one I want to win. The journalists who are voting might not agree. Remember, electorates matter.

That's it for my coverage of the nominations. I plan on returning with the winners beginning Friday after looking at either more strike news or the outcome of the second Republican debate. As I wrote yesterday "I'm just not feeling that last one this cycle, so I might skip it." In either event, stay tuned.

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