Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Vice News on the 'Bananapocalypse: Why Bananas May Go Extinct'

I first wrote "the dessert bananas people eat are threatened by fungus because of the unintended effects of growing monocultures of clones" ten years ago, and I haven't stopped warning my students about it since. It's right up there with bees as a story I tell my students, although I write about bees a lot more here than bananas. The last time was 2021 and the time before that was 2014. The latter was an audition for a video to show my students instead of "The Top Banana" trailer, and it failed. They decided that they liked the more fun teaser for a documentary that never happened than the more informative Seeker video. I didn't even try the Business Insider video. I'm planning on trying again with Bananapocalypse: Why Bananas May Go Extinct by Vice News.

Being apart of nature, food can also be endangered. Counter Space explores those who are protecting and perfecting the foods we love.

This excerpt is from season two of Counter Space and was filmed in 2022.
I'll get back to my readers about my students' reactions to this video in a month or two. Stay tuned.

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