Friday, July 7, 2017

Volvo to go all hybrid or electric by 2019

As the owner of a Prius, I'm always on the lookout for hybrid and electric car news to post here.*  Therefore, I was intrigued when I read Volvo switching to all-electric, hybrid cars as Newsy reports.

The Sweden-based carmaker announced Wednesday that it plans to stop making vehicles powered solely by gasoline or diesel fuel by 2019.
Volvo's announcement prompted a lot of reaction.  The Wall Street Journal asked Will Other Car Makers Follow Volvo's Switch to Electric?

Volvo plans for all new models from 2019 to be either fully electric or hybrid, the company announced Wednesday. But will other car makers follow, and what does this mean for the industry?
The expert interviewed by Associated Press thinks the answer will be yes and offers more insight in Analysis: Volvo to Go All Electric.

Carmaker Volvo announced that all its cars will have electric motors by 2019. Darren Jukes of accounting firm PwC says car manufacturers are responding to increased demand for electric vehicles.
I hope the experts quoted by the Wall Street Journal and Associated Press are right.  If they are, and the demand for more electric vehicles increases because of emmission standards, even if gasoline prices stay down, I'll be sure to post Professor Farnsworth saying "Good news, everyone!"

*I was going to post about National Strawberry Sundae Day, which is today, but this is far more important news.  Maybe next year.

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