Friday, July 28, 2017

Driving update: two years of Pearl as Tesla begins deliveries of Model 3 today

I celebrated one year of Pearl exactly one year ago today.
Sunday was the first anniversary of buying Pearl the Prius.  Yesterday, Pearl turned over 28,000 miles.  Time for a double celebration!
This year, Monday was the second anniversary of buying Pearl the Prius, which turned over 35,000 miles yesterday, exactly one year to the day after it passed 28,000 miles.  That means that I am still driving my car exactly 7,000 miles per year, so I can repeat what I wrote in Driving update for June 2017: Pearl plus Tesla worth more than GM or Ford.
It turned out that Pearl reached multiples of 1,000 miles on February 17 during both 2016 (25.000 miles) and 2017 (32,000 miles) and on April 13 both years as well (26,000 and 33,000 miles, respectively).  In addition, the car passed milestones on June 3 last year (27,000) and June 2 (34,000) this year.  That means I have been driving 7,000 miles per year very consistently since February 2016.  That's an average of 19.18 miles per day and 583.33 miles per (actual not standard) month.  That's almost double the 4,000 miles per year I drove Yuki before I traded her in and then moved.  It's amazing what moving out of a walkable neighborhood does for one's driving!
It's also amazing how consistent my driving habits have become.

The other year-over-year comparison is miles per day since the previous update.  Last July, I made the following calculation and comparison.
Pearl's odometer last turned over on June 3, 2016, 54 days ago.  That translates to 18.52 miles per day or 564.8 miles per standard month.
This year, Pearl rolled over 34,000 miles on Friday, June 2, so it took 55 days to drive 1,000 miles, or 18.18 miles per day and 554.55 miles per standard month.  That's a little less than I drove her during June and July last year and much less than the 20.00 miles per day and 601.00 miles per standard month I drove Pearl between April and June.  At least those comparisons make it look like I'm driving less, even if I have consistently been driving 7,000 miles per year since February.

As for the next update, to roll over 36,000 miles on Pearl on September 21st, a year to the day after the car passed 29,000 miles, might be a challenge, as I'm working three more weeks during August than I worked last year.  I'd have to walk more and run my errands on the way home from work more to keep my driving down enough to make that happen.  Here's to hoping I succeed.

To conclude this report, I'm following up on the Tesla news I posted in June with this news from CNBC: Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Start July 28.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports that deliveries for Tesla's Model 3 will begin July 28th as the automaker kicks off production this week.
Yes, that's today.  CNBC repeated that deliveries begin today in Elon Musk Shows Off The First Tesla Model 3 From Assembly Line.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted two photos of the vehicle to Twitter late on Saturday night.
I'm tempted to post Professor Farnsworth, but I don't want to jinx things.  In the meantime, I plan on posting more about the Emmy Awards tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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