Saturday, December 23, 2017

Vox airs its grievances about Trump for Festivus 2017

Happy Festivus, time for airing of grievances and feats of strength!  Today, I'm going to recycle last year's theme, airing grievances about Donald Trump.  Last year, it was Keith Olbermann.  This year, it's Vox.  As I wrote yesterday.
Vox impressed me so favorably with this video that I plan on posting two more, one for Festivus and another about a Star Wars holiday for Christmas Eve.  Stay tuned and happy holidays!
Without any further ado, here is How Trump makes extreme things look normal

The scariest part of Trump's first year as president isn't how abnormal he is, it's how normal he makes everything else look by comparison.
“Don’t normalize this” has become a kind of rallying cry during President Trump’s first year in office -- a reminder to not get too acclimated to Trump’s norm-breaking and erratic behavior. But the real danger of the Trump presidency might have less to do with Trump’s abnormality and more to do with how “normal” he makes other Republicans look by comparison. And the concept of the “Overton Window” helps explain why our politics and media might be warped long after Trump’s presidency comes to an end.
It may not be up to Keith's level of high dudgeon, but it's still quite the airing of grievances.  Speaking of Keith, he has stated he's retiring from political commentary.  That's quite a loss for his fans, including me, as well as the country.  So concludes the airing of my grievances for today.

Stay tuned for the third video from Vox, which is about the origins of Life DayStar Wars!

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