Thursday, January 13, 2022

PBS NewsHour reports on Bridge Alliance members and others trying to build bridges across political divides

The second video I embedded in PBS NewsHour on voting rights mentioned a segment by Paul Solman. Here it is: Political polarization prompts efforts to bridge the gap through shared experiences.

PBS NewsHour spent much of last week trying to examine what still divides our country and the deep polarization that preceded the Jan. 6 riots. Now, Paul Solman looks at multiple efforts to bridge those major political and cultural fissures in the U.S., beginning with smaller steps forward.
I took particular interest in it because it mentioned Bridge Alliance members Braver Angels, BridgeUSA, Civic Health Project, and Common Ground Committee and showed their logos while explaining their work. That's because, while I'm no longer a director of Coffee Party USA and it's no longer an independent organization with its own fundraising, I'm working with its new parent organization Bridge Alliance promoting their work on Coffee Party USA's Facebook page. I couldn't resist noticing PBS featuring their work and sharing it with my readers. As much as outrage drives readership, I'd like to devote some energy to activism that lowers the emotional temperature. I hope at least some of my readers do, too.