Thursday, January 6, 2022

Colbert and Klobuchar on the insurrection one year later

I concluded Brenda Lawrence announces retirement from Congress and Rashida Tlaib announces run for her new district, the latest in Congressional musical chairs from Michigan with a program note for today.
Stay tuned for the anniversary of last year's attempted self-coup. That certainly won't be a cheerful occasion.
No, but Stephen Colbert can still milk some laughs out of it. Watch is monologue, Hannity's Role In Jan 6th Planning Revealed | Stephen's Song Explains The New CDC Guidelines.

It appears that Fox News host Sean Hannity had advance knowledge of the former President's plans for the Jan 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, and Stephen Colbert has a special song to help everyone understand the CDC's updated Covid-19 quarantine guidelines.
I've read lots of people call Fox News "state television" during The Former Guy's administration. No, that's Voice of America. It is party television, however, and Hannity's apparent knowledge before and actions during and after the insurrection support my assessment.

Speaking of my expert opinion, Colbert calling Arizona "America's backup Florida" isn't far off. There are lots of snowbirds and retirees there, just like Florida. My late maternal grandparents were among them, as they moved there after my grandfather retired. TFG will love the place, even though it voted for Biden two years ago, and I'm happy he canceled today's press conference.

As for calling the COVID-19 test "the Nosey-Pokey," I'm only surprised that it took this long for someone to call it that and make a song about it.

Follow over the jump for Senator Amy Klobuchar's three-part interview.

Senator Klobuchar talked about the insurrection during "Donald Trump Is Still Out There With His Big Lie" - Sen. Klobuchar On The Aftermath Of Jan 6th, the first clip of her three-part interview.

Senator Amy Klobuchar joins Stephen for a three-part interview to discuss the events of January 6, 2021 and what she has been doing since that day to bring the perpetrators to justice. Here, she shares her experience inside the U.S. Capitol that day, and warns that the former president still presents a threat. Stick around for parts two and three of this interview with Sen. Klobuchar.
On the one hand, I find it encouraging that Klobuchar's colleagues cheered Biden's remarks last year. On the other, that "The Big Lie" is not only still around but spreading scares me enough to re-use what I last repeated in November.
It looks like the people who buy Trump's "Big Lie" are learning from last year's failed effort to overturn the election by not just working the refs, but replacing them. I'm going to recycle my reaction from April in response.
Personally, I'd rather call it Trump's dangerous delusion, his fixed belief that the election was stolen from him despite all evidence, which I see as related to his vulnerability to conspiracy theories, but "the Big Lie" is the established phrase used by CNBC and others, so I'm calling it that instead. It's a lie, too.
To paraphrase what I wrote last month, Benson's remarks show that Trump's delusion is not just dangerous but contagious.
The senior Senator from Minnesota returned in "I Would Get Rid Of The Fillibuster" - Sen. Klobuchar On Restoring The Integrity Of The U.S. Senate.

In the second part of her interview with Stephen, Senator Amy Klobuchar discusses potential changes to the Senate's filibuster rule and how it could help get the U.S. Senate back on track. Stick around for the final part of Sen. Klobuchar's interview next.
Senator Klobuchar is asking the same question Rachel Maddow asked: If the filibuster can be waived for the debt ceiling, why can't it be waived for voting rights? Her answer is that it can.

She concluded her three-part interview in "This Is Our Moment To Step In" To Protect Voting Rights - Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

In part three of her Late Show interview, Senator Amy Klobuchar gives examples of some of the egregious voter suppression laws being enacted around the country, and explains why she feels Congress must pass the Freedom To Vote Act.
Thank you, Senator, for advocating on behalf of voting rights. Also, good luck. You and the country both need it.

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