Saturday, November 6, 2021

Colbert says 'Daylight Saving Time is not helpful and has no upside'

As Daylight Saving Time ends tonight for 2021, it's time to laugh at the practice like I did in Fall back as 'Last Week Tonight' asks 'how is this still a thing?' and The Daily Show asks 'Daylight Saving Time: Why?' Watch Stephen Colbert's monologue from last night, Time To Drop Daylight Saving Time | Capitol Rioter Who Said "Civil War Is Coming" Appears In Court.

Experts agree that Daylight Saving Time is not helpful and has no upside, and efforts to end it are now underway in Congress. Also underway are court proceedings against the insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, including one woman who promoted the idea that a new civil war is coming.
As the meme I used for Many states considering bills ending or keeping Daylight Saving Time permanently said, "Happy Daylight Saving Time Day!...said no one ever."

Here's to hoping that the Senate passes the Sunshine Protection Act. In the meantime, remember to set your clocks back an hour tonight, unless you're in Arizona and Hawaii, which never do "spring ahead."


  1. Florida elected to keep daylight savings time permanently but the U.S. Government has not ratified it, so we have to keep turning the clock. Ridiculous. Our daylight hours are different from the rest of the country - especially the further south you go!

    1. I feel you. The Sunshine Protection Act is a bipartisan bill with Marco Rubio and Patty Murray as co-sponsors and I think it would pass if brought before the Senate. I don't know what the House would do with it, though.