Saturday, May 21, 2022

Bright Sun Films 'Abandoned' on Detroit's Packard Plant

I'm returning to tales of collapse and decline in the Motor City today with the latest episode from Jake Williams of Bright Sun Films: Abandoned - Detroit's Packard Plant.

At one time, Detroit Michigan was the capitol for automotive manufacturing. The perfect place for Packard Automotive to relocate to and build our their dream plant. After decades of success and buildings encompassing millions of square feet, the brand went under and their factory in limbo. Now, the former Packard plant stands as a monument of failure and quite possibly the largest abandoned factory in the world, in the middle of Detroit.
As much as I wrote about the post-industrial decline and rebirth of Detroit during the early days of this blog, I mentioned the Packard Plant only once before, as a filming location for "Devils Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge."* On the one hand, that ties into one of the uses of the Packard Plant that Jake listed, as a location for movies. On the other, that's a major omission by me and it's long past time I covered it. Thanks to Jake for creating and uploading this video to give me the opportunity.

*That reminds me that I haven't blogged about the Nain Rouge since the pandemic caused the 2020 parade to be canceled. The event returned this year after a two-year hiatus. Maybe blogging about that is another tradition I should revive. Stay tuned.

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