Friday, May 27, 2022

Seth Meyers takes closer looks at guns

I haven't written about guns since NRA files for bankruptcy and announces move from New York to Texas last year and featured a late-night talk show host's take on the issue since James Corden, Global News, and Kamala Harris on CNN update gun control for the eighth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News three years ago. With this month's mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, I feel compelled to return to the topic. Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers' America's Urgent Gun Crisis and the Rewriting of the Second Amendment: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at the powerful forces and leaders behind the decades-long fraud that convinced people it's their constitutional right to own arsenals of military-grade weaponry.
I agree with the late Chief Justice Warren Burger that the current interpretation of the Second Amendment is a legal fraud. What does "a well-regulated militia" mean and why is that being ignored?

Seth followed up on his Closer Look with one of the politicians he featured, Sen. Chris Murphy Discusses the Uvalde School Shooting as his first guest.

Sen. Chris Murphy talks about the heartbreaking school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, challenging his colleagues to take action during his speech before the Senate and discussing the progress that still needs to be made for gun control.
Murphy did a good job of expanding on the history of gun control since Sandy Hook, which prompted me to declare This week deserves Grumpy Cat and ask Expanded concealed carry, really? I hope Senator Murphy is right that the political and social climate has turned in favor of gun control during the past decade.

Seth wasn't done with the issue, as he uploaded Ted Cruz Storms Off After Questions About Guns, Wants Door Control Instead: A Closer Look last night.

Seth takes a closer look at pro-gun politicians refusing to take action for stricter gun safety measures to stop America's plague of mass shootings and pitching an insane alternative to get rid of doors instead of guns.
Ugh, Ted Cruz. I'm glad the correspondent with Sky News and the rest of the reporters interrogating him asked why mass shootings, particularly school shootings, are a uniquely American problem. It shows that he doesn't have an answer beyond the deflections he responded with.

Meyers isn't the only late-night talk show host with blistering monologues on guns and guests favoring gun control. Both Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel did as well. Maybe I will post them, too. Stay tuned.

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