Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2022 in climate and weather from NBC News, DW News, and ABC News

After looking back at science and space during the year about to end, it's time to examine the year in climate and weather. NBC News included most of what I wanted to cover in Our Planet’s Future: Combatting Climate Change, which the network uploaded on Festivus.

2022 was another catastrophic year of extreme weather events fueled by climate change. NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff takes a look back at the impacts of those events and looks forward as the world rallies to fight climate change.
Jacob Soboroff and NBC News covered some general environmental news, like cleaning up plastic pollution, in addition to the climate, weather, and energy news. That segment also reminded me of what I wrote in WatchMojo rewound YouTube again, Google's Year in Search, and top memes for New Year's Eve last year.
[T]he host of Mr. Beast looks familiar, even though I didn't know his channel name. The channel I most want to watch of all of them is Mark Rober. His videos look both fun and educational.
Thanks to NBC News covering their #TeamSeas challenge, I finally subscribed to both of their channels.

Soboroff mentioned that the year wasn't over after listing the major U.S. and global weather events, indicating that there could be more in store during the final eight days of the year. He was right. DW News opened Extreme weather events in a changing climate with the winter bomb cyclone that hit over Christmas weekend before recounting the rest of the global natural disasters this year.

Human-made climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of severe weather. 2022 continued the trend of recent years being the warmest on record. Extreme heat and water events affected many parts of the globe, with the greatest increases in temperature not where you might expect.
Winter Storm Elliot hit me, too, as some of my pipes froze on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, none of them burst and they all thawed out on Christmas. I consider my wife and myself lucky.

Enough doom and gloom. Time for hope as ABC News listed other good news beyond the Inflation Reduction Act in Major milestones in battling climate change seen in 2022.

While saving the climate may be decades away, 2022 saw some major advancements in the battle against climate change.
Good news, everyone, but still not good enough to post Professor Farnsworth. There is still too much bad climate news.

Stay tuned as the retrospectives continue through New Year's Eve.

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