Friday, April 28, 2023

TEDx talks presents 'Trees: The superheroes we’ve been waiting for' on Arbor Day, Superhero Day, and Flashback Friday

Happy Arbor Day and National Superhero Day on Flashback Friday! For today's observance of two holidays that celebrate some of my favorite topics, I'm sharing Trees: The superheroes we’ve been waiting for | Andy Lipkis | TEDxUCLA from July 7, 2015.

When is the last time you stopped and really looked at a tree? Sometimes the things we see everyday lose their profound importance as they seem so commonplace, ordinary, already understood. Andy Lipkis has dedicated his life to trees, and talks about the extraordinary, and untapped power of the tree.

Andy Lipkis if the Founder and President of TreePeople, a nonprofit organization that is growing a green and climate-resilient Los Angeles.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
This is at least the second time Andy Lipkis has appeared on this blog. The first time was Rocking the boat down the Los Angeles River, which included a brief interview of him. I didn't even mention him or his charity, TreePeople, then, but he made important points about water in "Rock the Boat" that he repeats in this video. I'm glad a gave him a chance to repeat them a decade later. It beats Captain Planet!

Follow over the jump for a retrospective about last year's holiday posts that became popular on Pinterest and Twitter.

'Everything Everywhere All at Once' - part 2 of diversity in awards show winners for the week of MLK Day was the only pin from the current blogging year and month of January 2023 to be saved with one save.  Watch for me to reuse this when I look back at the popular posts on Pinterest about awards shows.

Star Wars drinks and music for Revenge of the Sixth on Flashback Friday from May 6, 2022 was one of two pins from the current blogging year saved during June 2022 with one save.

'Prehistoric Planet' previews explore extinct biodiversity on International Day for Biological Diversity from May 22, 2022, tweeted by Kevin G. on June 7, 2022 and retweeted by me the same day, had the most impressions, 1,851, during June 2022, which ranked fourth overall during the 2022-2023 blogging year, and 11 total engagements, including 7 likes (most during June 2022), 3 detail expands (tied for most during June 2022), and 1 retweet.

I have now shared "the holiday posts...that became popular on Twitter and Pinterest" that I promised in PBS Eons and SciShow on Piltdown Man for April Fools Day, a Science Saturday holiday special. Stay tuned for "the most saved pins of posts last year were about holidays, animals, or pirates, in that order, so watch for me to cover those on a holiday about animals." The next one I found on National Day Calendar is National Tuna Day. Let's see if I post them then.

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