Sunday, April 16, 2023

Classified documents leak headlines 'Weekend Update' on 'SNL'

Happy Sunday! I begin the highlights of last night's "Saturday Night Live" episode with Weekend Update: Trump Claims Police Cried at His Arrest, Biden Downplays Pentagon Documents Leak.

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like the suspect in the Pentagon classified document leak getting arrested.
I begin my reaction by being a good environmentalist and recycling one of my comments from Colbert's monologue examined security leaks, Justice Thomas, and Tennessee expelling two legislators.
[T]his is the kind of bad behavior that might have induced [Discord] to change its privacy policy (H/T Infidel753). The participants in 2017's Weimar moment in Charlottesville used Discord to organize as well. I should research this change, but I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that Discord made it either at the behest of law enforcement or to discourage people from using its service for criminal activity — maybe both.

This story reminds me that I run a Discord server for this blog and one of my New Year's resolutions was to get more users. I have to do some more work with roles and channels first. Still, if you're interested, leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook through the Crazy Eddie's Motie News page.
Readers interested in my Discord can also follow the Crazy Eddie's Motie News account on Twitter and send me a message for an invite. I'm not opening up my messages to just anyone!

I observed that "MSNBC has been all over...a ruling reversing the FDA's approval of mifepristone, which I don't recall 'Saturday Night Live' mentioning in the clips I shared yesterday. Huh..." in James Austin Johnson's 'Trump' hijacks the Last Supper on 'SNL' for Easter. I'm glad they finally got around to making a joke about it, even if the situation isn't all that funny. I also wrote "I'll get to that story later." I will, but it's still developing.

As for The Former Guy including the detail about people, particularly, "big, strong men," crying, I consider it a tell that he's BSing or lying (there is a difference, but both involve not telling the truth) right up with with them addressing him as "Sir." Not only that, but both also mark this as a story in service to his ego and image. Don't believe any story that contains either.

Weekend Update continued with NYC Hires First-Ever "Rat Czar," Rescuers Save Lost Hikers on Mushrooms.

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like the New York City Department of Sanitation releasing a new campaign.
All those stories were hilarious and nearly all the punch lines were in bad taste. SNL's writers would probably take that as a compliment.

Follow over the jump for the rest of Weekend Update, the host's monologue, and the cold open.

Now for a skit that justifies this entry being the Sunday entertainment feature, Funky Kong on The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Funky Kong (Kenan Thompson) stops by Weekend Update to discuss The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
I'm over Kyle Mooney leaving the show whenever I see Emmy nominees Kenan Thompson and Bowen Yang perform heavily costumed characters. Good job!

I'm skipping Guru Genesis Fry on Mental Health to move onto the final interview on Weekend Update, Molly Kearney on Anti-LGBTQ Bills in the United States.*

SNL's first non-binary cast member, Molly Kearney, stops by Weekend Update to discuss the harmful effects caused by the anti-LGBTQ bills that have been introduced in the United States.
That's quite the spectacular entrance and exit. Kearney should "drop in" more often!

I'm returning to entertainment coverage with Ana de Armas Monologue.

First-time host Ana de Armas talks about learning English after moving to the U.S. from Cuba and reflects on her amazing year.
That's a great story that made me like de Armas even more than I did after watching "Knives Out." It also reminded me that I needed to follow up on what I wrote in The Razzies nominees recognize 'the worst of cinematic under-achievements' from 2022.
"Blonde" earned eight nominations...."Blonde" is an unpleasant film, even if it's technically proficient and Ana de Armas, who is nominated for a BAFTA Award and was nominated for an Oscar this morning, acted brilliantly. At least the Razzies indirectly addressed its misogynistic tendencies by nominating Andrew Dominik & His Issues with Women for Worst Screen Couple.
I'm recycling my comment on Experts slugfest: 2023 Oscars recap -- Breaking down 'Everything Everywhere's' unprecedented sweep.
Not only did "Elvis" not win a single Oscar, Tom Hanks won two Razzies for Worst [Supporting] Actor and Worst Screen Couple (with his makeup and accent). "Blonde" also won two Razzies for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay.
Other than mocking Jared Leto, I think I'm done with this year's Razzies.

I conclude with First Warm Day of the Year Red Carpet Cold Open.

As the weather gets warmer, two reporters (Heidi Gardner, Bowen Yang) interview random people in Central Park.
"It's mid-April here in New York City and the temperature hit 90 degrees this week, a full two months ahead of schedule. And while that may be terrifying on a climate level, the warm weather can only mean one thing. All the freaks, crazies, and weirdos are heading to Central Park." Yes, it is terrifying on a climate change level, but after even a mild winter, a week of summer temperatures would be considered "good weather" this time of year. Let's see if people still think that should the northeast and Midwest suffer from excessive heat waves this summer.

*It's a hilarious segment, but it doesn't make the kind of political, social, or economic statement like the clips I included; it just milks the running joke of dumping on Colin Jost. Look for me to embed it on my Dreamwidth journal later today. Stay tuned.

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