Thursday, April 20, 2023

PBS NewsHour and CNBC update marijuana legalization for a Throwback Thursday on 4/20

Happy Throwback Thursday on 4/20! For today's update on marijuana legalization, I'm sharing two videos on the subject, beginning with PBS NewsHour telling its viewers WATCH: Weed is legal in New York, but the illegal market is still booming. Here’s why.

Marijuana is now legal in New York, and the first dispensaries recently opened up. Legalization in the state goes beyond just how to purchase marijuana — it also carries hopes for social justice, as the first stores are run by either non-profits, or those impacted by the previous prohibition of cannabis.

But New York is grappling with the nationwide growing pains associated with turning an entrenched illegal market into a legal industry. The PBS NewsHour spoke to three marijuana industry experts to explore how New York’s booming illegal marketplace could hurt those hopes for social justice, and the nationwide struggle to move marijuana consumers to the legal market.
While I am still optimistic about marijuana legalization following in the tracks of marriage equality, it's frustrating that it's such a patchwork and federal decriminalization/legalization still hasn't happened.

CNBC examined the situation on the other side of the Hudson River in Inside New Jersey’s Legal Weed Boom.

As marijuana legalization spreads, states are looking at different ways to ensure those most affected by decades of racially biased anti-drug policies have a leg up.

Under a special program, New Jersey prioritizes granting licenses to dispensaries run by people with marijuana convictions on their records.

Lawmakers hope that by making equity a cornerstone of their newly legalized markets, those who dealt marijuana in the illegal, or “legacy,” market will be persuaded to go legit.
Looks like the illegal market may be coming around, but it's not there yet. At least both New York and New Jersey are thinking about reversing some of the harm from the previous legal regime.

Follow over the jump for a brief retrospective about last year's top post on the topic.

I shared Biden announces pardons for federal marijuana possession from October 7, 2022 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page, then Infidel753 shared the link at his blog. That earned the entry 398 default and 609 raw page views, which ranked it seventh by the first measure and ninth by the latter, eighth among entries posted during October 2022. It ended the twelfth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News with 1170 raw page views, placing it 18th among entries posted during the blogging year and 27th overall by raw page views.

Stay tuned for another retrospective tomorrow on Flashback Friday.

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