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Vox explains 'The Trump investigations you should actually care about'

The Former Guy is facing legal jeopardy beyond his indictment and arraignment in New York. Vox lists and explains all of the criminal cases in The Trump investigations you should actually care about.

The four criminal investigations into the former president, explained...

Donald Trump is now the first former US President to face criminal charges. He pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree.

This case involves hush money that Trump’s lawyer paid to an alleged former sexual partner. But it’s actually just one of four criminal investigations into the former president. The other three investigations focus on his behavior after the 2020 presidential election.

A Georgia team is examining Trump’s efforts to persuade Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” more Trump votes after the votes had been counted and Raffensperger had declared Joe Biden the winner.

Federal special prosecutor Jack Smith is heading up the other two investigations. One group is looking at the Trump team’s attempts to persuade officials in a handful of states where Biden won not to certify his victory, and instead to claim Trump won the state despite the vote counts.
The other federal investigation is focused on classified documents that Trump brought with him from the White House to his Florida estate after losing the 2020 election. According to reports from the Washington Post and the New York Times, when the FBI searched his estate in August 2022, they found documents related to nuclear weapons, as well as files containing information that could put US informants in the field in danger.

As president, Trump didn’t just say outrageous things, he acted in unprecedented ways. Now that he’s out of office, investigators in a variety of jurisdictions are trying to figure out if he broke the law, too.
As I wrote, "New York today, Georgia and the Federal Government tomorrow. Stay tuned."

Since three of the investigations are about election interfererence, broadly construed, follow over the jump for a retrospective of the top posts about the 2022 election.

I shared MSNBC's Steve Kornacki examines today's Senate runoff election in Georgia from December 6, 2022 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page. That helped it attract 930 default and 1,189 raw page views that month, ranking it second by default and third by raw page views during December 2022. It continued to accrue readers, reaching ~1,180 default and 1,215 raw page views, reaching tenth by default, 15th among all entries posted during the 2022-2023 blogging year by raw page views, and 24th overall.

I shared Meyers and Colbert take closer looks at Kari Lake and other election deniers running for office from November 7, 2022 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page. Crooks and Liars then linked to it and tweeted out the blog post with the link. Crooks and Liars tweet of the link earned 17 engagements, the most during November 2022, including 2 retweets, 1 quote tweet, which I counted as 3 retweets, so the most for the month, 1 like, and 1 reply in 1 thread for top mention during November 2022. My retweet earned 3 engagements, all likes, which tied for most likes during November 2022, on 54 impressions. All that helped the post earn 602 default and 846 raw page views, making it the second most read entry during November 2022 by all measures. It continued to attract readers, reaching 832 default and 916 raw page views by the end of the 2022-2023 blogging year, good enough for 19th by default page views and 28th among entries posted during the blogging year and 37th overall by raw page views.

MSNBC reporting on Warnock winning the Georgia Senate runoff was the only pin from December 2022 and 2022-2023 blogging year saved during December 2022 with 1 save.

Kevin G. tweeted PBS NewsHour explains 'How Pennsylvania's midterm races impact the future of politics' from October 4, 2022. My retweet earned one engagement, a like, on one impression for a 100%(!) engagement rate, the highest I recorded during the 2022-2023 blogging year.

Now for two entries I already examined in 'Saturday Night Live' fools around with Trump's indictment.

Like all the rest of the entries featuring "Saturday Night Live," I shared 'SNL' parodies prepping Herschel Walker for Tuesday's Senate runoff in its cold open from December 4, 2022 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page. That resulted in the entry earning ~2,290 default and 2,524 raw page views for both December 2022 and calendar year 2022, ranking it first for the month and seventh among entries posted during 2022. Blogger credited it with even more default page views by March 20, 2023 with ~2,520 even though its raw page views only increased to 2,549, ranking the post fourth according to the former measure and fifth according to the latter.
This was actually the most viewed entry about the 2022 elections. It was probably also the funniest, followed by the next one.

I shared 'SNL' lampoons 'Fox & Friends' reacting to the midterm election results from November 13, 2022 at the Coffee Party USA Facebook page, which helped it earn 939 default and 1,046 raw page views, making it the most read entry of November 2022. It continued earning page views during December 2022, resulting in the post having 941 default and 1,195 raw page views for the calendar year. It ended the 2022-2023 blogging year with ~1,030 default and 1,214 raw page views, ranking fourteenth by the former measure, sixteenth by raw page views among entries posted during the twelfth year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News and 25th overall.
That takes care of the top posts about the 2022 election. Stay tuned for at least one post with the highlights of tonight's episode of "Saturday Night Live," which I might split into holiday and news David Pumpkins returns as 'Saturday Night Live' celebrates Halloween 2022 and 'SNL' shares scary news for Halloween 2022, depending on the skits.

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