Saturday, October 22, 2011

The first week of Occupy Detroit

In A video press release from Occupy Detroit, I promised that "I will keep you all informed." I did keep that promise with The first day of Occupy Detroit, which showed the coverage of the first afternoon and evening of the demonstration from the perspective of the mainstream local media. Time to show this first week from the perspective of the Occupiers, via their own YouTube channel.

According to the Occupiers, 1500 people attended the rally and march last Friday, not the 500 the Free Press reported via Twitter. As for the occupation itself, it looks very organized. These people know what they're doing.

The above serves as the second video press release. The next video is the video report by the occupiers of that first evening.

Scenes from the day: the march from the Coleman Young Municipal Center; the first General Assembly; preparations for the camp.
The Anonymous presence is not overwhelming, as most of the marchers were union members and local activists, but the Guy Fawkes masks show they are there. Of course, they're Anonymous. Expect them.

The next video was shot on Sunday, and shows a cross-section of the diversity of people supporting Occupy Detroit. It also answers the question "why do people support Occupy Detroit?"

The young may be doing the bulk of the camping out, but their supporters include people their parents' ages.

Speaking of camping out, here is a video from Wednesday showing the encampment, including the comfort station, the kitchen, and the medical tent. I told you, these people are well organized.

Next up, a video press release about last Wednesday night's General Assembly.

So, what did they decide to do? We'll have to wait. Instead, we'll watch the October 16 General Assembly from last Sunday, followed by a protest on Tuesday in front of the Downtown branch of Bank of America, climaxing in an Occupier tearing up his BofA debit card.

The Occupiers then marched away.

Occupy Detroit Marched and Protested at Bank of America. This is the march from there back to camp through Greektown.
That's the first week of Occupy Detroit, as told by the Occupiers themselves. Before I sign off, I'll note that U.S. Representative Hansen Clarke posted on his Facebook page that he was "standing with 'Occupy Detroit' tonight off Woodward Avenue in Detroit." I'm looking forward to his report on his visit with the Occupiers.

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