Monday, October 24, 2011

Krugman on Countdown, plus bonus Occupy Wall Street and "Plan 999 from Outer Space"

In Paul Krugman on flat tax proposals, I telegraphed this post with:
I have more to write about Krugman, including his interview on Countdown on Friday, but that will have to wait.
The waiting is over. Krugman appears just after the 7:00 mark.

In the opening, Keith Olbermann again referred to Cain's economic platform as "Plan 999 from Outer Space," so he called it that three times in one episode.

Original at The Cain Scrutiny on Hysterical Raisins.

Finally, there is a lot of news about Occupy Wall Street in between the opening and Krugman's interview.  One of the items was how Eric Cantor was harried by the mob.

Original here.


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