Friday, October 21, 2011

Here we go again; another Judgment Day

Last May, I wrote.
A blog that is about civilizational collapse would be remiss if it didn't mark the supposed beginning of the end of the world.
This post takes care of your daily dose of DOOM! Expect repeats at irregular intervals at least until December 21, 2012.
It's that time again.

From Next Media Animation on YouTube.

When we last left Harold Camping, he was proclaiming the Rapture would begin on May 21. As we know, it did not.

To save face, Camping said an unseen, spiritual judgement had taken place. The actual destruction of the Earth will now happen on October 21.

Now Germany's space agency says one of its old satellites will fall out of orbit and strike the Earth, possibly on that exact date.

Is this the work of divine intervention, intended to condemn us all to a fiery death?

No one is safe from the wrath! Scientists are still uncertain exactly where the debris will land.
I'm not impressed. As I remarked last time:
I don't take this version of the end of the world (as we know it) as seriously as the one I've been blogging about the past two months. No supernatural causes will be needed to bring about the collapse of civilization; the interaction of human behavior with limited resources can do that all by themselves. That end will be completely natural, not supernatural.

The flip side is that anything that could also postpone or even prevent that collapse will also be the result of exploiting human psychology and the available resources. It may look like a miracle, but it will be completely natural as well.


  1. Another bozo who refuses to accept that the Mayans got it right.

    Narb has already cashed out his 401(k), and won't pay taxes in April. Just 14 months to spend it all on traditional debauchery!

    1. Three years later, how's that working out for you?