Friday, October 21, 2011

One month of Occupy Wall Street from Next Media Animation

This video from Next Media Animation is a few days old, but it's not that dated, as the text says "this week," so it's still worth watching.

Occupy Wall Street hits the one-month mark this week. Even the protesters are amazed they've lasted this long.

The demonstrations, meanwhile, have spread globally. Camps have been set up in financial centers all over the world.

The protesters seem determined. But can their resolve last through winter's cold? Temperatures in New York City can be brutal.

The demonstrators cite economic frustrations. They claim financial benefits go to the 1% while the 99% struggle.

But claims the American Dream is dead has irked "The 53%" who are still trying to make it work.

The protesters offer few policy prescriptions. Their goal seems to be adding to their numbers and thus magnifying their grievances.

The Democratic party, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how to harness this energy for 2012.

But just how long will the Occupy Wall Street protests last? Probably as long as unemployment remains persistently high.
Compare the above with the coverage Next Media Animation gave them a month ago.

Groups inspired by the Arab Spring took to Wall St. Saturday to protest government greed. The media has dubbed the movement the 'American Fall.'

Protesters camped out, refusing to budge until their demands were met.

But what are their demands? A singular goal is still being debated on Facebook.

The sincerity of the sit-in is being questioned. Self-proclaimed social activist 'pranksters' Adbusters are behind it.

But if resolute in purpose, the #OccupyWallSt movement could be formidable. It has attracted a strong following online.
Next Media Animation may have been laughing then, but it looks like the Occupiers are laughing now.

As for that "strong following online," note the headless man in a black suit and demonstrators wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Both of those are symbols of Anonymous. Even at the very beginning, Next Media Animation could see who was really providing the organizational power behind the protest.


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