Saturday, October 8, 2011

Romney: Occupy Wall Street is "dangerous"

As I wrote in Herman Cain on Occupy Wall Street, I have a bunch of tabs open with stories about Occupy Wall Street, so it's time to blog about them and move on to new stories. This installment features a quote from Mitt Romney and a company that shares his opinion. Hat/tip to Paddy at The Political Carnival and devil_ad_vocate in talk_politics on LiveJournal for the links.

National Journal: Romney: Wall Street Protests ‘Class Warfare’
THE VILLAGES, Fla. – Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney on Tuesday compared the current anti-Wall Street protests to “class warfare.”

“I think it’s dangerous, this class warfare,” Romney said to an audience of about 50 people in response to a question about the protests over such issues as high unemployment, home foreclosures and the 2008 corporate bailouts.

He made his remark while greeting members of an overflow crowd that was unable to get into his official appearance before a larger group of about 300 at this central Florida retirement community.

The Wall Street protests, organized by a confederation of progressive groups, have spread beyond New York to other cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. Two groups also have announced plans to set up an encampment in front of the White House as well.
My comment at The Political Carnival:
If Willard the Rat Man had a clue, he'd keep his yap shut about the class warfare meme regarding Occupy Wall Street and the other Occupy movements. This will only encourage the demonstrators.
As I wrote a couple of days ago, "don't taunt the happy fun ball."

On the other hand, there are people who have a clue and are profiting from it: Listen Logic. They have been following Occupy Wall Street since its inception and currently consider it to be an elevated corporate threat.

Here is their graph of the growth of the movement so far.

Impressive timeline, isn't it?

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