Saturday, October 15, 2011

The first day of Occupy Detroit

Here's what the local mainstream media had to say about the first afternoon of Occupy Detroit.

First, the protesters speak for themselves in this unnarrated video from the Detroit News YouTube channel.

Next, these two videos this video (there is a second at the website that isn't embedding here) from WXYZ's website.

If Jessica Dawl and the other Occupiers remain as serious about staying in the park throughout the winter and up until the next election (that's more than a year away), then it looks like my wife and I will be bringing them a lot of food and supplies.

Finally, the Detroit Free Press is doing their reporting by Twitter. Yes, really.

What people are saying about Occupy Detroit
The spirit of the Occupy Wall Street protests has landed on Woodward Avenue. Free Press Reporter Naomi Patton was on the scene. We're sharing tweets and more from people talking about #OccupyDetroit.
Right now, Naomi Patton is tweeting on the FreepLive account. She estimated the crowd at 500 people at its maximum on the first day. She also has a really cute photo of the youngest protester and her mother.

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