Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Detroit in the Free Press yesterday

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Occupy Detroit cold and wet, but upbeat
The past week's weather hasn't always been conducive to their cause, with rainy days and cold temperatures, but members of the Occupy Detroit movement say they're undeterred and will stay the course at their encampment in Grand Circus Park downtown.

"We're still basically a work in progress, but I continue to remain wildly optimistic about what we're accomplishing here," Sarah Coffey, 38, one of the volunteers in charge of organizing the group's informational meetings, said late Sunday afternoon.

"In order for us to transform society, we have to bridge the differences between the races and classes. And when you stop to think about it, is there any better spot to begin than in Detroit?"
I've run into Sarah Coffey on Facebook, so I find it intriguing, but not surprising, that she's one of the organizers. Now I'm tempted to pay her a visit. After all, I'm listed as "attending" on Occupy Detroit's Facebook page.

As for her sentiment, I couldn't agree more. Great things are going to happen here in Detroit, and Occupy Detroit might just help make them happen.

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