Sunday, September 1, 2013

A serving of climate change news from California

ABC News has two stories from California that illustrate the intersections among climate change, technology, and health.  Both of them also show people serving others under unusual circumstances.  First, a follow-up to Hot: Rim fire threatening Yosemite and San Francisco's water, High-Tech Military Technology Being Used to Fight Yosemite Wildfires.

Drones, military tankers and rim fires are being used to target and stop this massive Calif. blaze.
Fires are normal in California, but these aren't normal fires.

Next, 'Stingray Shuffle' Protects Against Animal's Razor Sharp Tail.

Advice for beach goers on how to avoid the dangerous sting of the ocean creature.
Unlike plants, which may require assistance to cope with climate change, stingrays need no help moving.  Again, like the fires, this is not the old normal southern California.  When I went to the beach growing up in southern California, there were no stingrays there.

As far as I'm concerned, if it weren't for climate change, neither of these stories would likely be happening, especially the stingrays.

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