Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CNN Money on Lehman Brothers five years later

This week marks the anniversaries of two events I've written about in this blog, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of Occupy Wall Street.  CNN Money has been covering both stories.  In this entry, I present two clips about Lehman Brothers five years later.

First, a former Lehman employee describes How I bounced back after Lehman collapsed.

Lynn Gray worked at Lehman Brothers for 11 years. Hear her story of the fateful day 5 years ago, and how she was able to start a business at the age of 60.
Next, Annalyn Kurtz asks Since Lehman, has Wall St. culture changed?  Her panel of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, former Lehman Brothers VP Lawence McDonald, and and former Occupy Wall Street protester Mark Bray answer.

Our financial panelist says there is a lot less risk taking on Wall Street, but everyone agrees the fundamentals of the system have not changed.
Stay tuned for more clips from this show discussing Occupy Wall Street, income inequality, and the next labor movement, organizing fast food workers.

ETA:  For those of you coming here from Kunstler's blog, here are the links to the rest of the entries in this series.

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