Monday, September 30, 2013 article on registration deadline

Want to vote this November? Register by October 7th
While the next election is more than a month away, the deadline to register to vote is in just one week.

All those who wish to vote on November 5th must be registered to vote by Monday, October 7th.  Michigan residents can find out if they are already registered by filling out the online form at the Secretary of State website.  However, if one has moved to a new city or township, one must re-register.  Also, if one has moved from one residence to another within a city or township, one must update the address.  Normally, that happens when the address on a driver's license is changed at the Secretary of State's office.

Those who are not yet registered can obtain applications to register to vote can be obtained at Secretary of State branch office, a local county, city, or township clerk's office, and online at the Secretary of State's website.
In Washtenaw County, residents of the cities of Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Milan, and Saline as well as the Village of Dexter will be voting on candidates this November.  In addition, residents of Milan, Saline Township, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Saline Schools, and South Lyon schools will be voting on millage proposals the same day.
More information, including the names, addresses, and phone numbers for the Washtenaw County Clerk, the city clerks for Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Milan, and Saline, and the township clerks for Dexter and Saline, at the link in the headline.

Yes, this is a boring article, but it's useful, both for the readers so they can know it's time to register and for me, as it keeps my status as a writer for  I'm sure I'll be using that position a lot between now and November 8th, when the election results stop being newsworthy.

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