Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zoologist at your service

I watched WXYZ's video Giant hive in Detroit yesterday and noticed an error in identification.

Neighbors in one area are worried about a giant hive in a local tree.
That's not a bee hive, that's a hornet's nest.  In the comments, I told WXYZ so.
thewanderandhiscomp: Bees or wasps??

pinkusensei: Wasps, specifically Bald-Faced Hornets.
I was not alone.  Someone on WXYZ's Facebook page told them as well.
Please learn to tell the difference between hornets and bees! The problem nest featured in this afternoon's news cast is a Bald Face Hornet nest and not a nest from bees. The problem can be solved if someone goes to the hardware store and purchases the appropriate can of spray.
WXYZ listened and changed the identification in a later story on their site: What seniors feared was a beehive on city property turns out to be nest of Bald-faced hornets.
7 Action News viewers helped identify the insects as Bald-faced hornets and we called Detroit's General Services Department to see what could be done about the potentially dangerous pests that were keeping LaGloria Roberts and her 93-year-old mother from sitting on their porch in peace.
The next clip on the situation features both the correct identification and a happy ending to the story: Hornet nest in Detroit neighborhood.

Neighbors called 7 Action News when they couldn't get any action on a potentially dangerous hornets nest near their homes.
I'm glad WXYZ paid attention to their viewers, including me.  It helped them serve their community better.

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