Thursday, September 5, 2013

State certifies Detroit's mayoral election

The drama over Detroit's disputed 18,000 write-in votes for Mike Duggan that I first covered in Detroit's version of hanging chads and then in Fingers pointed while state counts Detroit's disputed votes, has concluded.  WXYZ has the story in Duggan and Napoleon to face-off in November Detroit mayoral election.

Note differences in numbers for Duggan.  The certified results are even more favorable for him than what the City Clerk reported.  That leads to the next report, in which Wayne State University professor and former and likely future Democratic nominee for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson comments again on the disparity: Detroit voters look to November election after controversial primary.

There is still some drama left over the primary, as Tom Barrow has demanded (and will pay for) a recount.  That won't change who advances to the general election, but will provide still more entertainment.  Pass the popcorn.

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