Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Discovery News and I rant in favor of the metric system

In addition to today being the first day of public school, it's also the first day I run laboratory sections for my classes.  In my Environmental Science class, the lab I run is one to introduce my students to the metric system, which many of my students struggle with.  In fact, their issues with it are such that I tell my students a joke about it.  "There are only three groups of students in community college who understand the metric system, the science nerds, the foreign students, and the drug dealers."  That never fails to get a laugh.

My job would be a lot easier and I could cover something else if the United States fully adopted the metric system.  Coincidentally, last week Discovery News posted Time To Switch To The Metric System!

Making the switch to the Metric System has been talked about for decades in the US... but nothing's ever come of all that talk. Trace explains why it's so much better and why we should take the metric plunge.
I couldn't have said it better myself.

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