Friday, September 20, 2013

Fast food worker strikes from CNN Money and Occupy Detroit

I made a promise at the end of CNN Money on income inequality.
Tonight, I'll conclude this series by embedding the clip about organizing fast food workers and showing how it's played out locally through Occupy Detroit.  Stay tuned.
Sorry, I got sidetracked, as I instead posted Overnight News Digest: Fast Fill-in Edition on Daily Kos last night.  Instead, I'm following through this morning.

CNN Money's Annalyn Kurtz asked Will fast food unions be the next movement?

Robert Reich says striking low-wage workers need collective action and bargaining, but our other panelists are skeptical of union power.
That reminds me of what I wrote in Occupy Detroit and others campaign against petcoke.
Occupy Detroit has continued to do good work, including documenting the fast-food workers strike last month.  I'll be sure to cover that in a future entry.
This is that "future entry."  Watch 5-10-13 Detroit's fast food workers strike for a living wage.

Good Jobs Now, Michigan United and SEIU came out in support of fast food workers across the Detroit area as they went on strike, demanding $15/hr. to bring them out of poverty and give the economy a much needed shot in the arm.
I'll have more about the coverage of the fast food workers striking later.  Right now, it's time for me to go to work.

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