Friday, September 6, 2013 article on Mixed Use Party candidates 1

Title: Mixed Use Party Zoning Plan
Caption: The Ann Arbor Mixed Use Party claims its zoning plan will protect residents and the environment and make housing more affordable.
Credit: Ann Arbor Mixed Use Party's Facebook page
In articles on last night's primaries and millage votes, I expressed my desire to cover a story.
More at the link, including a mention of the Ann Arbor Mixed Use Party, which is running three candidates in the November elections.  I'll have to chase that story down.  An environmental party other than the Greens operating in my beat is exactly the kind of angle I'd love to pursue.
I got my wish when one of the three candidates did something newsworthy.  She dropped out of her Ann Arbor City Council contest.

One of three Mixed Use Party candidates suspends campaign for city council
University of Michigan film student Jaclyn Vresics, one of three candidates for Ann Arbor City Council on the Mixed Use Party ticket, announced Wednesday that she was suspending her campaign for Ward 1 council seat.
The other two Mixed Use Party candidates are continuing their campaigns.
For the details on all the candidates for Ann Arbor City Council, click on the link in the headline.  Here's what I hope to expand on in future articles.
The Mixed Use Party is campaigning on a platform of simplifying the zoning code.  On the party's website, the party asserts that their zoning plan will make housing more affordable, protect residents from harm, and protect the environment.

In addition to their zoning plan, the party states that it "believe[s] in civil liberty, efficient government, environmental preservation, and legal equality."
I send the party an email requesting that I be included in their mailing list and asking to arrange interviews with the party's leader and the two remaining candidates.  In those interviews, I want to examine their platform and how they plan on making it happen.  Wish me luck.

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