Monday, November 4, 2013 article on Michigan Daily endorsements

Stephen Kunselman is the only candidate for Ann Arbor City Council endorsed by both the Ann Arbor News and the Michigan Daily.
Michigan Daily issues endorsements for city council, millage renewal
Monday morning, The Michigan Daily, the University of Michigan student newspaper, endorsed three candidates for city council and recommended a yes vote on a millage proposal.

The student newspaper endorsed Jeff Hayner in Ward 1, Kirk Westphal in Ward 2, and Eric Kunselman in Ward 3.  It also called for a yes vote on Proposal A, a renewal of millage dedicated to the sinking fund for repairing and constructing buildings in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Two of these endorsements went against those of the Ann Arbor News, which published its support last week for all three incumbents seeking re-election--Sandra Briere in Ward 1, Jane Lumm in Ward 2, and Kunselman in Ward 3.
Unlike the Ann Arbor News, The Michigan Daily didn't just reflexively endorse the incumbents. Instead, it endorsed the candidates it thought would be best for students.  Good for them.

In addition to the details supporting the lede above, there is a video for the following development.
In Ward 4, Democrat Jack Eaton is being challenged by an official write-in candidate in William Lockwood.  He also has to contend with a joke candidate in "Twenty Pound Carp," which is waging a humorous campaign on Twitter.
If you want to watch that video, which is by Buzzfeed, so it's funny, and includes lots of quotes from the MLive article I linked to in the article, click on the link.  Here I present a different video, which is a copy of the relevant segment from ABC News.

Carp Running for City Council

The 20-pound carp is fishing for Ann Arbor City Council votes.
It's stories like this that make covering elections fun.

Stay tuned for more elections coverage.

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