Friday, November 15, 2013

Opening day of deer hunting season in Michigan

Today is not only America Recycles Day, it's opening day of firearms deer hunting season.  This is such a big day that the United Auto Workers contracts have it as a day off, along with Election Day.  When I was a substitute teacher, it was also the day when I was pretty much guaranteed to be called into work, as a lot of full-time teachers took the day off.  In fact, some schools in the Upper Peninsula close today.  Not only can they not keep teachers, a good number of the students are out hunting as well.  Don't believe me on that last one?  Watch Opening Day of 2013 Hunting Season from WOOD-TV and note how old the last hunter is.

That's not a high-school-aged boy, that's a middle-school-aged girl.  That written, the punch line is perfect.  Welcome to Michigan in the 21st Century.  Also, deer hunting, doing it right.  Just keep her away from Ted Nugent.

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