Monday, November 18, 2013

San Diego prepared for dry 2014

At the end of  Looking back and ahead at mayoral elections, I described my latest find on YouTube.
I'll have more from KPBS via their YouTube channel later.  I've subscribed and have already found some interesting videos that are on topic here.
Here is one of those videos.

San Diego On Track For One Of The Driest Years On Record

San Diego may get a trace of rain this weekend, according to the National Weather Service, but it's not likely to veer us off course for being one of the driest years on record.
So, while Michigan has been experiencing July weather in November, California has been in the middle of one of its more severe droughts.  I'm not surprised, given NASA's prediction of increasing drought this century and this year's fires in California.

Also, this video is perfect for my environmental science class, as it shows the system of aqueducts and reservoirs that supplies San Diego.  I already lecture about the system that imports water to Los Angeles from Owens Valley; this will tell the rest of the story in under 90 seconds.  I'll have it in my lecture Thursday.  It's just what I needed, and I didn't know it until I watched it.

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