Monday, November 25, 2013

The science and health of pooping

I had a little too much fun in the comments to Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (MAVEN to Mars) last night on Daily Kos.  One of the other regular editors of OND posted a video about the excretory system, but implied it was about defecation.  That gave me an opening.

If you want poop, I have two Discovery News videos for you.

What's In Your Poop?

Most adult animals on earth share one thing in common: brown poop. But what's in it that makes it that particular color? Trace does the dirty work to find out.
I told Trace that he was having *way* too much fun.  So far, 15 people have agreed with me.*

Why You Poop at the Same Time Every Day

Ever notice how you need to use the bathroom roughly the same time every day? Well there's a whole lot going on behind the scenes to keep you "regular." Anthony gets to the bottom of exactly why you go when you go and how to regulate it.
Now, if you want urine, I have another video for you.

How to make an Alien Urine Sample - Tipsy Bartender

This cocktail is one that is truly out of this world......THE ALIEN URINE SAMPLE! With its electric green hue, it looks dangerous, but we promise that it doesn't taste as toxic as it appears. This otherworldly concoction is surprisingly delightful, with a sweet and fruity flavor. Live life on the edge by drinking an Alien Urine Sample!
Someone then mentioned squatty potties.  I had a response to that, too.

NMATV: Why Squat Toilets are the Sh*t

In Taiwan and many other countries you can find squat toilets, which many people think are gross, uncomfortable, or just plain weird! Well, research says that they can prevent all kinds of physical problems. Hey, they could even indirectly benefit your social life! Li Anne gives you a quick illustration of why she thinks squat toilets are the sh*t.
As I wrote, I was having too much fun.  I hope my readers are, too.

*It's now 17 people who gave +1 to that comment.

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