Friday, November 15, 2013

U.N. organizing response to asteroid collisions

I've written a lot about the risk of asteroid impact on Earth, a topic made more urgent by the meteor exploding over Russia early this year.  Just last month, for example, I posted both Eclipse and asteroid DOOM and Boston University on how to prevent asteroid impacts on the topic.  All of this takes place against a backdrop of my general anxiety about humanity in general and the U.S. in particular losing its space travel capacity through the decline of global technological civilization.  That's not going away; there are more immediate threats than asteroids.

One good development from earlier this year on this front was the U.N. organizing an international response to stormy space weather.  The U.N. has now stepped up and is trying to do the same thing for asteroid collision.  Discovery News has the story in The UN's Plan To Defend Earth From Asteroids.

The UN has announced it's undertaking the effort to protect the planet from killer asteroids. Trace explains what their plan is if a giant space rock sets it's sights on Earth.
That's good news.  Now, to make sure that there is an economy to support such an endeavor, a society that sees its value, and an environment that can provide for society.  As I wrote more than two years ago, "Without an environment, there is no society.  Without a society, there is no economy."  And without an economy, there is no advanced technology, including the space technology to protect people and their planet from asteroid collisions.

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