Saturday, November 16, 2013

Proposal A stories with commentary from Inigo Montoya

At the start of Royal Oak's Proposal A passes, I repeated a promise.
I concluded Colorado and Washington voting on hemp and GMOs with this promise.
I also covered marriage equality in Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ballot.  There's a related issue on the ballot here in Royal Oak, Proposal A, the approval of the city's Human Rights Ordinance.  I have stories about the campaigns for and against that measure, but I'll save them until after I vote (yes, of course).  See you then!
I'll get around to sharing those stories...
In the spirit of yesterday's America Recycles Day, I'm keeping my promise while reusing one of my comments over at Michigan Liberal.  Hey, I'm an environmentalist; I recycle.

Eric B. quoted the following passage from a Detroit Free Press article under the observation, I am not sure that Tom McMillin understands the definition of discrimination.
“We haven’t seen any instances of discrimination,” the conservative lawmaker argues. “What we have seen is instances of when these laws are imposed, there is discrimination against Christians…we see that the bullying (on this issue) actually comes from the LGBT community.”
That prompted the following response from me.
Inigo Montoya on McMillan claiming discrimination.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Speaking of which, my wife got a robocall from McMillan the other day against Proposal A, the voter approval of Royal Oak's Human Rights Ordinance.  She got as far as McMillan talking about transvestites using women's restrooms, laughed, and hung up.  A couple of days later, I got an automated push poll from Just Royal Oak, the No on Prop. A people, which repeated that same talking point.  I hit the button for Yes on Prop. A, at which point the program thanked me and hung up.  It gave me great satisfaction to push back against the push poll.
I should have also pointed out that McMillan doesn't understand bullying, either, and then linked to Projection is the Right's favorite defense mechanism.  Then again, that's why I have this blog, so I can.

It turns out this story is not finished, as McMillan's involvement looks like an investment in next year's election.  Stay tuned.

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