Saturday, November 2, 2013

My stats didn't fall in October

It's only been two months since Hottest month so far on Crazy Eddie's Motie News, when this blog passed 11,000 page views in a month, and the blog has already passed yet another milestone.  This month was the first in which the blog passed 12,000 page views.  I had an inkling it was going to happen during the week of October 15-22, when the rolling 30-day view counter passed 12,000 page views every day.  Even that is no guarantee, as readership could have still slowed down.  It did, but not enough to keep the blog from passing 10,000 page views early Saturday the 26th, 11,000 on Monday the 28th, and 12,000 on Halloween, ending up with 12,295 page views for the month.

Those weren't the only noteworthy occurrences last month.  Floods in Colorado from ABC News and University of Colorado, finished its climb from 841 page views in September through 939 page views to finish October with 1163 page views, making it the most read entry in the history of this blog, kicking The Buzz about Detroit for the week ending May 28, 2011 from Model D Media out of the top 10 on the way.  That one went to number one on its own, although I padded its lead by linking to it at Kunstler's blog.   Also, Austerity on the personal level from the AP surpassed Old man yelling at chair accidentally reveals a deeper truth with 406 page views to become the 10th most viewed entry in the blog's history.  That happened entirely by linking to it at Kunstler's blog.

I don't expect that I'll get over 12,000 page views this month.  It's only a 30-day month and I only passed 12,000 on the 31st day of last month.  However, any page views I get exceeding the 11,226 during September of this year would be a record for a 30-day month, so I'll consider doing so a victory.  That's my goal for November.

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