Monday, November 18, 2013

July weather in November

I know that weather isn't climate, but this has been quite the day and night here in the Midwest.  ABC News has the honor of going first with Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across Midwest.

20 states under extreme weather watch, 15 tornado reports so far in Illinois.
Here in Michigan, the storm hit the west side of the state first and hardest, as WOOD-TV reported in Winds down trees, power lines; cause damage.

A long line of unusually strong November storms swept through West Michigan Sunday.
The live location reports make it seem like there is a lot of damage, but it's hard to tell given that it's after dark.  I'm sure that there will be a lot more damage to see when Sun comes up.

On this side of the state, WXYZ predicts high winds and dropping temperatures as well in High Wind Warning until 5 AM.

The wind has already shut off power here twice, the first time for a second, the next for about a minute.  It was just long enough so that I had to reset all the clocks.  Inconvenient, but no more.

The ABC News report predicted that conditions will be worse in Ohio than here in Michigan overnight.  WNWO's reporting doesn't sound that alarmed in Storms Move Out, But Winds Stick Around.

Last week, snow.  This week, thunderstorms.  Next week, more snow.  Welcome to Michigan in the 400 ppm world.

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