Saturday, September 24, 2016

Double driving update for September

I told my readers to stay tuned for a driving and gas price update today at the end of Emmy Award winner 'Rise of Animals'.  Time to follow through.

Both cars turned over their odometers this week.  Dez (similar to the car above) passed 52,000 miles on Monday and Pearl rolled past 29,000 miles on Wednesday.  Dez last turned over in April, specifically  April 27th.  That means it took 145 days for the car to drive 1,000 miles for an average of 6.90 miles per day and 210.34 miles per standard month.  That's much less than any of the three previous updates, the 23.81 miles per day or 726.2 miles per standard month during March and April, the 9.9 miles/per day or 302.0 (301.98) miles per standard month between December and March, and the 16.67 miles per day or 508.33 miles per standard month between October and December.  This is the lowest average daily and monthly travel for the car since my wife and I bought it.  I attribute the lower mileage to trips to visit family and no long trips for service or shopping.  That will probably change next month, when my wife has some travel planned.

Pearl last rolled over her odometer on July 27, 2016, when it passed 28,000.  That means 57 days elapsed until the car passed 29,000 miles this week.  That translates to 17.54 miles per day and 535.1 (535.09) miles per standard month.  Those are less than both the 18.52 miles per day or 564.8 miles per standard month during June and July and the 19.61 miles/day and 598.0 miles/month I drove Pearl between April and June.  On the other hand, it's very close to the 17.41 miles per day, 530.9 miles per standard month over the entire first year I owned the car.  I just had an average month!  Driving to no meetings during July and August plus not working for three weeks of August contributed to the lower use, but I should have walked more.  Instead, I drove a lot of short multi-store shopping trips for my wife that resulted in me buying too much to carry while I was home.  I'm sure that contributed to her driving a lot less!

Both cars passing another 1,000 miles within two days of each other presents another opportunity to examine the driving of the entire household.  When I did that in March, I estimated it to have been a combined average of 34.21 miles/day and 1043.42 miles/month.  The next month, it jumped to a total average of 40.48 miles per day and 1270.8 miles per month.  This time, I'll add Dez's 6.90 miles per day to the average for Pearl over two reports, 18.03 miles per day, to yield 24.93 miles per day and 760.4 miles per standard month.  That's a big drop.  It was probably a good thing that I ran those errands in my Prius than my wife doing them in her Tiguan, as I probably consumed several gallons of gas less than she would have.

Enough of my life.  Stay tuned for the Sunday entertainment entry.

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