Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Driving update for June 2017: Pearl plus Tesla worth more than GM or Ford

Pearl rolled over 34,000 miles on Friday, June 2, 50 days after it passed 33,000 miles in April, so it's time for another driving update.  I drove Pearl 20.00 miles per day and 601.00 miles per standard month since April.  That's more than the 17.86 miles per day and 544.64 miles per standard month I drove her between February and April.  However, it is only slightly more than the 19.61 miles per day and 598.0 miles/month it traveled during April through June 2016.  I was hoping for fewer miles because of a week off and not having make up for Dez not being in the shop, but apparently I managed to drive slightly more just the same.  However, I'll have to wait until Dez passes 55,000 miles to see what the total driving impact for the family really is.  That should happen late this month or very early next month.

I missed making a year-over-year comparison during the past two updates.  It turned out that Pearl reached multiples of 1,000 miles on February 17 during both 2016 (25.000 miles) and 2017 (32,000 miles) and on April 13 both years as well (26,000 and 33,000 miles, respectively).  In addition, the car passed milestones on June 3 last year (27,000) and June 2 (34,000) this year.  That means I have been driving 7,000 miles per year very consistently since February 2016.  That's an average of 19.18 miles per day and 583.33 miles per (actual not standard) month.  That's almost double the 4,000 miles per year I drove Yuki before I traded her in and then moved.  It's amazing what moving out of a walkable neighborhood does for one's driving!

Normally, I'd conclude a driving update with either a look at how my driving fits in with the driving patterns of the rest of the U.S. or a price update on oil and gas.  I'm going to include the first when I post Dez's driving update so that I can compare the household's driving and not just mine.  As for the second, I found something more interesting that fits with Pearl being a hybrid electric car, CNBC's report that Tesla Market Cap Tops GM & Ford.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports the latest from General Motors and Tesla's annual shareholder meeting.
Score another one for Elon Musk!

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